Psychological Assistance in Selection and Training of Intelligence Operatives 
(World War II)Case_-_PsychAssist.html
Psychological Treatment of Whistleblowers
(Iraq War, 2003-2004)Case_-_Provance.html
Psychological Assistance In Field Operations 
(Middle East, late 1980’s)Case_-_MrC.html

A list of principal ethical issues follows each case narrative.

We welcome review of cases and identification of further issues.

Clinical Psychology

Psychology Research

Applications of Psychology to Intelligence Operations

The Attempt of a U.S. Army Counterintelligence Officer to Halt Torture by Haitian Authorities in a Haitian Prison 
(Operation Uphold Democracy, 1994)Case_-_Rockwood.html
Hypnosis and Psychoactive Drugs in Intelligence Operations 
(Southeast Asia, 1950-51)Case_-_Hypnosis.html
Interrogators versus Health Professionals 
(Vietnam War and War On Terror)Case_-_Martin.html
Psychological Stress Experiments On Soldiers (Berkun et al) 
(Cold War, late 1950s - early 1960s)Case_-_Berkun.html
Recruiting Research Psychologists for National Security Applications
(1990’s - present)Case_-_Davis.html

Psychology of Moral Awareness in National Security Settings

A Psychologist’s Moral Experience of Participation in a Simulated Soviet
Nuclear Attack 
(Cold War, late 1950s - early 1960s)Case_-_Kohn.html